About Us

The Company

Transport La Fiesta was founded in July 2001. The founders, Serge Brisebois and Ginette Lalonde from day one started out with an optimistic vision and continued to invest their efforts, determination and sacrificed to reach their goals. Transport La Fiesta is extremely proud of it's achievements.

One of the first contracts received was for the US Government, transporting electronic panels on specialized carrier equipment. Next was the planning of the Formula 1 move from Montreal to Indianapolis, Indiana. Both of these contracts helped pave the road for the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer clients the knowledge and the expertise in transportation and distribution that will save what is so precious today in business...TIME.

The search for a carrier may be very time consuming and costly depending on your individual needs. Let the experts find the most effective option for you. This will give you the opportunity to recuperate precious time and allow you to concentrate your efforts on more cost effective projects.

Transport La Fiesta never lost focus of our original goals and expanded our personalized business practices and attained client satisfaction without compromising quality service and standards.


In 2005, Transport La Fiesta faced the most challenging task since our debut. After building our reputation step by step in the transportation industry, the company was fortunate to receive a contract trough the US Government. Transporting electronic panels in 2004 which contributed to increased credibility and led us to receive the notorious logistic planning for the Formula 1 move from Montreal PQ to Indianapolis IN, a dignified major league.

The planning of the logistics had to be perfect in all aspects, the contract stated that a maximum of 20 hours were being allotted from start to finish. This included loading and unloading, preparation of documents for border crossing and transit time.

Imagine more than 50 trucks with team drivers in each unit and specialized roll-tite trailers. This project was made possible with the collaboration of 5 majors Canadian Carriers.

Transport La Fiesta turned the huge challenge into a success.

This Success and expansion was directly linked to our highly dedicated and qualified personnel who remain to be our greatest asset.